"1 pixel = 1 day" is small web application that give you a fun vizualisation of the year in pixels. Each "pixel" correspond to 1 day. when the day is ending, the pixel fade out and give you a clear understanding of how many of the year is already behind you. there is some default pixel layout such as "by week" or "by month" but the user can actually create his own layout by moving arround each day on the grid and create fun pixel arts.
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Back in the days, there wasn't a lot of reliable solutions for simple tasks reminders in the market. Most of the actual digital calendars was very complex, and was built to respond to complexes daily and weekly schedules. The main purpose of this project was to create a fun an simple way to vizualize the year, while being able to add tiny daily reminders for useful tasks.
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The core mechanic of this calendar is in ability to show the years through different prebuild layouts such as "by week" or "by month", but mostly allowed the user to create his own layout by grabbing and dropping the days on the gird and then saving it to be reused. This fun mechanics can be used to create cool and fun pixel art representation of the year.
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1. Sort By Visual Year
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2. Sort By Weeks
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3. Sort By Months
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4. Customize your Display
The architecture of the interface and the user experience also aims to be very simple and minimalist. Beside of a top navigation and a bottom bar with some basic action, most of the interface is made by the main pixel canvas, where the days (pixels) are displayed.
Pixel Layers Pixel Layers Pixel Layers Pixel Layers Pixel Layers Pixel Layers Pixel Layers
Since the entire project was a class assignment during my BA studies, the 1pixel=1day stayed in the stage of prototype and wasn't really developed for production purposes. The entire prototype was built and developed in ActionScript 3 and wasn't connected to any real database. The intersting part of the development was in the creation of several custom tween transitions between the differents views of the years.
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