This video game concept allows beginners who learn a musical instrument, to practice technical exercises at home, while having fun. Thereby making the learning process less boring. The player will use his own instrument (In this case a synthetizer) as main controller of the game. The project involves the concept art of the entire game, a promotional teaser, and 3 different gameplay and level designs.
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harmonies Resurection Main Banner
Each level has is own and specific gameplay and level design. The main goal is to help the player practicing a particular technic or even aspect of the instrument itself. For example, some levels will let you practice on rythmes or chords, some others will helps to improve the coordination between both hands, or even allows you to practice improvisation in specific scales.
harmonies Resurection Blowup
The entire univers of the game is a tribute to the flashy and neon athmosphere of the 80's electronic music. Actually the entire story is taking place into the inner part of a Mini Moog Syntheziser.
harmonies Resurection skecthbook
Most of the animation work is produced within after effect with frame by frame vectorial classic animation. Even if most of the game is in two dimension I also used some 3D animations and modeling for specific part of the trailer.
harmonies Resurection Wireframes
The technology is extermly simple and efficient. It using MIDI technology to control the game. So basically, every midi controller with an usb output can be used to play the game. There is no need in any expensive custom made controller such as the one that can be found with some guitar hero games.
harmonies Resurection Shynte
During the gameplay, the interface is minor. and give more space to the visual informations of the gameplay itself. The game menu is also a tribute to the old interfaces from the late 80's computer.
harmonies Resurection UI
Design & Concept : Benjamin Trigalou / Code : Or Avrahamy - Yonathan Sedan / Music Trailer : Birdy Nam Nam - War Paint / Music Menus & Levels : Nir Yatzkan / Thank you to : Oren Moshe - Alon Hetzroni - Danielle Sasi