* This Website is under really big Construction But, If you want to see some of my really nice new stuff... here some of them *

___ About Me Hi !! My name is Benjamin Trigalou, and I was born in Paris in 1988.
I am actually finishing my four years bachelor of visual communication at Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.
I lived in France until I was 17 years old, where I started my Design education in thorough.
I am now settled in Israel since 2005.

If you are looking for a Web designer, Illustrator or Brand Designer you can contact me

Computer Skills :

- Photoshop CS5
- Illustrator CS5
- Flash CS5 / ActionScript 3
- Html / CSS / Javascript
- After Effect / Premiere


___ My Final Project ____________________________________________________________________________________________
- Harmonies Resurrection - Play the Game /// Pilot for a new musical video game helping music students to practice technical skills while having fun
/// - Video Game Concept

___ Global Game Jam 2012 ____________________________________________________________________________________
- Schrödinger is Dead /// We all will die some day. The question is "What happens next"? Schodinger knows the answer..:) The game was inspired by Schodinger's cat experiment and Reincarnation philosophy.
/// - 36 hours Video Game

___ Some New Stuff ____________________________________________________________________________________________
- Schweppes - Lightly Sparkling - Limited Edition /// Packaging design for the Limited edition of " Schweppes - Lightly Sparkling " which was in the Israeli market for 3 months.
/// - Brand Packaging
- Running Away Into You /// Video clip for the john frusciante's song "Running Away Into You"
/// - Video Clip
- Barbecue Party - Hebrew /// Black and White one page comics based on a true story - Hebrew version
/// - Comics
- Barbecue Party - French /// Black and White one page comics based on a true story - French version
/// - Comics
- Gattacca Sans /// Typeface based on a mix between gothic and roman style
/// - Typeface
- La Princesse et le Croque notte /// Black & White comics without words based on a song from Georges Brassens
/// - Comics
- Donkey Kong - Plasticine Edition /// Tribute to the Nintendo classic Donkey Kong game all made with plasticine
/// - Video Game
- Un Accident De Voiture /// Video clip for the tEPr's song "Un Accident De Voiture"
/// - Video Clip
- Voodoo Master /// Pilot for an iPad application, playing with Voodoo doll using social networks
/// - iPad Application
- Screen Addict /// Web interface, checking how many hours people spend on screens
/// - Web Interface
- The Hungry Castle /// Web interface, Graphic tribute to the "Hungry Planet" book
/// - Web Interface

___ Interactive Projects ________________________________________________________________________________________
- 1Pixel=1Day/// Interactive web calendar. each day is represented by one pixel.
- Blink-182 LandSite/// Example of landing website for the Blink182 band
- Fender CustomShop website/// Web interface for the guitars' brand Fender, which offers an alternative way to create a custom guitar
- Greys-Haired's GarageBand/// Little musical interactive game (there are some bugs so be careful)
- Learning How to Count/// Mini Internet game intended to teach children how to count
- musicalNOISE/// Experimental screensaver project which transforms noise into music, using a microphone
- My Ninendo's Collection/// Mini-website showing all my Nintendo platforms collection
- WALLscreen Magazine/// Interactive Graffiti and Street Art magazine, using TouchScreen Technology

___ Illustration Projects ________________________________________________________________________________________
- 3 Banners/// 3 Animated Banners (with less than 10 frames per banner)
- Sex Secrets/// An interactive illustration with roll-over roll-out (be patient... it's heavy)

___ Others Projects _____________________________________________________________________________________________
- My Bezalel's Page/// My Portfolio on Bezalel Academy website
- My Youtube's channel/// Some of my video's Projects...
- My (very) old Portfolio/// It is realy realy old...

___ Contact Me __________________________________________________________________________________________________
- In Israel : 0(0972)504787123
- In France : 0(033)689250741
- Mail : contact@benjamintrigalou.com

/// all rights are reserved to Benjamin Trigalou 2012 © _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________